just an aussie teen who likes the beach, and bonds ;)


Anonymous asked
Hey, I love your blog so much! I was hoping you could please give me a KIK shout out? I'm 18 Year old in the closet guy from Australia, I'm pretty fit, but most of all I'm horny as haha, so if any of your followers want to trade dirty pictures on KIK add me - ausboy999 If you add me you have to send me a face picture using the camera before ill reply so i know you're legit! Anyway, Send away boys ;P

done ;)

Anonymous asked
what would you rather, straight teen cock or gay teen cock?

ummmm any teen cock ;)

who wants to Skype….right now!

Anonymous asked
21 and curious. From Sydney inner west. Wanna meet up?

come off anon and we’ll chat :)

Anonymous asked
I'm 17. Be my boyfriend? LOL

talk to me off annon lol

Anonymous asked
Do you have a boyfriend? If not are you looking for one?

nah I don’t have one atm, but maybe looking :)